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Rooftop Equipment Screens

Rooftop Equipment Screen Installations for Riverside County, CA

Pacific Sheet Metal fabricates and installs commercial screens for all types of rooftop equipment, including air handlers, split systems, chillers, condensing units, package systems, backup generators, and more. We install rooftop equipment screens on new construction as well as retrofit projects. Our sheet metal engineers are able to design custom equipment screens for nonstandard-sized units. We have experience working with many commercial and industrial clients, which means no project is too complex for our team of rooftop equipment screen fabricators and installers.

Still on the fence about roof screens? Consider the following benefits of high-impact sheet metal roofing screens for your business or operation:

  • Improved Building Aesthetics – Rooftop screens act as vision barriers that keep mechanical equipment out of sight. This can have a noticeable effect on the overall look of your building, which might be important to restaurants, apartments, and other such businesses that rely on making a good first impression with potential customers. Rooftop equipment screens might also be required by code depending on where your business is located or the type of commercial equipment on the roof.
  • Equipment Protection – Roof screens fabricated from high-impact sheet metal can protect sensitive mechanical equipment from the wind and flying debris. The reduced wind loads on rooftop equipment can also help protect supporting roof structures from damage caused when exhaust hoods, condensers, HVAC units, and other commercial rooftop equipment units are stressed in high winds. Roof screens can also prevent any noticeable changes in equipment performance or efficiency resulting from high wind loads.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution – Roof screens can also help reduce the noise pollution generated by large commercial rooftop equipment units. Not only can this make your building a better “neighbor” to surrounding residents and businesses, but in some cases, it can make for a more comfortable atmosphere inside your commercial or industrial operation.
  • Enhanced Security – Rooftop screens provide an extra layer of security that can protect commercial equipment from vandalism and help prevent sensitive equipment from being tampered with. Full enclosures can be designed with access doors that require a key or combination to unlock, ensuring only authorized personnel has access to rooftop equipment.

If you have questions about roof equipment screens, contact Pacific Sheet Metal online or toll-free at (800) 926-2049. We provide high-grade sheet metal rooftop equipment screens for retailers, schools, apartment complexes, warehouses, production facilities, any commercial or industrial settings. Our sheet metal engineers can design rooftop equipment screens that accommodate any budget and special needs, including nonstandard-sized equipment.

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